Falling in Love After Marriage’ in Majalah I

This month’s Majalah I delves into the topic of marriage or more specifically, ‘bercinta selepas nikah’, translated into English as ‘falling in love after marriage’. This concept might seem a bit farfetched for some – how can a couple only fall in love with each other after marriage and not before? Isn’t falling in love before marriage necessary?

That’s what Majalah I’s main discussion this December is all about.  Written by the knowledgeable Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat himself, the articles on marriage explains about the above concept with full details on how it can be the foundation to a blissful marriage and the development of a healthy and happy family. If you are wondering if outer appearance or beauty is important in search for a life partner, this article will answer your question as Tuan Guru lists down the criteria that must be fulfilled by a man or a woman before one can marry him or her. Not only that, the magazine also presents an article on the right way of holding a wedding – what is important and what is not.

Other interesting articles include the discussion about Muslimah fashion – is it appropriate for a woman wearing the hijab to wear a ‘sanggul’ or tie her hair into a bun that is visible for everyone to see?

This month’s issue also includes an article that talks about the brain and its wonders that a lot of us do not know about! Not only the article talks about the brain, it also tells us on how to use it in the correct manner and how to use it to ponder upon Allah’s greatness!

Furthermore, do you know that before the Wright brothers came up with the idea of the airplane, an Islamic scholar already developed the concept? Find out more about the man himself, Abbas Ibn Firnas, and his crazy-but-inventive ideas in this month’s edition of Majalah I!

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