Welcoming 2014 with Nur Magazine

The January 2014 issue of Nur Magazine is all about welcoming the new year – the Islamic way, of course!

In the spirit of celebrating the coming of 2014, cover girl Memey Suhaiza talks about her transformation towards becoming a better Muslimah, inside out. The actress talks about her choice to don the hijab which made her feel at peace, consequently showing her the beauty of Islam and its jurisprudence. This 26-year-old, who is married to fellow actor Norman Hakim, also discusses about her fashion line, Mayadelila, which will be focusing on Muslimah fashion. She is the perfect choice as the cover girl for the new year as she embodies positive change and growth as we move into 2014.

The same issue also has an article on how to manage your money wisely! Written by Shamsuddin Kadir, a consultant who was involved with Malaysian Institute of Accountants  (MIA) and is currently the Honorary Treasurer of Pertubuhan Perunding Latihan dan Motivasi Islam Malaysia (TAMRIN), he discusses about ways to live life debt-free, especially with the new year coming! He not only tells you how, but he also lists down examples that you can refer to for you to start spending less and saving more instead!

As employees, how do we improve ourselves to become better and contribute more in 2014? January issue of Nur Magazine lists down ways for you to expand your creativity! We must always remember that Allah has created us with so much potential and with this new year, why not let your creativity shine? This issue also tells you 20 ways to build a successful career! We should strive towards developing our capabilities and not doing the work just to get them done!

Dear mothers, are you finding your children at the phase where all they do is staining your house walls with their drawings? Are you stressing yourselves out over this? Don’t! In this issue, Mom’s Corner covers the topic of discovering a child’s potential positive growth, even if it means having them draw all over the walls in the house! Their doodles might just show their creativity! Not only that, through their drawings, mothers can note their cognitive skills and their perception towards their environment!

Read all this interesting and informative articles in the January 2014 issue of Nur Magazine! Don’t have time to go out to buy the physical copy? Why don’t you get the electronic copy instead? Get it HERE at Bachabooku, where you can find more e-books and e-magazines for your reading pleasure!

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