“My hijab is my swag, I don’t brag but I drag my wisdom from the Quran,

It covers my hair not my brain and reveals my dignity not my body.”

Zainab Warda Mohammed, a Muslim from Germany, said in a post on the World Hijab Day facebook page.

1st February has been marked as the World Hijab Day, first suggested by fellow female New Yorker Nazma Khan, last year (2013), to encourage non-Muslim women to don the hijab and experience it. It was designed as part of a bid to foster better understanding and counteract controversies surrounding hijab as a Muslim choice.

Last year, Khan’s suggestion soon found support from all over the world with the group’s literature translated into 22 languages. She has also been contacted by people in dozens of countries, including the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, France and Germany.

The event is to create the much needed awareness of hijab as a Muslim women right and educating the masses about the origins and reasons for the Islamic headwear. We have heard and encounter controversies concerning hijab, as it was seen as a symbol of oppression to the Muslim women in terms of their role in the community and the society as whole. Some might think that hijab limits the wearer from engaging with certain activities.

Questions form, clueless minds wander; “how are they going to do this?” “Can she participate well?” “Can she perform with the ‘thing’ on her head? I mean isn’t it hot and all sweaty inside?” “I won’t even bother to ask her, like she’s wearing hijab right? So she won’t be interested I knew it!”

Who sets all these ideas unto one’s mind in the first place? That limits them before they even say a word? That bounds job opportunities, restricts their daily routine and confines their freedom as human beings.

That is why awareness is vital to clear out the air. To tell people that hijab is a choice. A symbol of faith that shouldn’t bound one from joining the crowd.

World Hijab Day is not about taking a fashion risk. It is not about pleasing a religion or a culture paired with it. It is about standing with our sisters in unity, with reverence and respect. It is a sacred opportunity to remember and honour religious heritage, whether it is our own or our sister’s. It is about re-discovering the beauty of choice, and reminding those around us that hijab is not a symbol of oppression. It is a day to humble oneself and to remember God. Events like World Hijab Day are absolutely vital to our society. It promotes unity and growth, while squashing stereotypes—things we are ever in dire need of.

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